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Capture your event with the recognition it deserves

You put a lot of effort and resources into your events, and for good reason - events are a powerful way to build teamwork and convey information

Put that same effort into preserving your event through the power of photography and video. You'll be increasing the impact and lifespan of your investment.

At Jim Holtan Media we bring our years of experience to your job to effectively capture the essence of your event

At Jim Holtan Media we bring you over 8 years of excellence in photography and video. We work with you closely to ensure we're capturing the results you want.

We shoot with Canon DSLRs including the 5D Mark IV.

Give us a call for a complimentary consultation on your upcoming event.

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Video becomes more important every day. It allows you to tell your story efficiently and effectively.
At Jim Holtan Media we offer you excellence in video production, including recording and editing. Consider video for:

  • Capturing speeches and presentations

  • Conducting interviews

  • Capturing action shots from your event